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Galeksy's Golden Anisa 

Breed: British shorthair

Color: Black Golden Chinchilla

Anisa, also known as Sophia in our home, brought immense happiness when she joined our family. In addition to possessing all the wonderful qualities of her breed, Anisa's standout feature is her remarkable size. She is truly outstanding in her stature, commanding attention wherever she goes. Alongside her impressive size, Anisa embodies the free-spirited and independent nature of British cats. While not aggressive, she appreciates having her boundaries respected and allows herself to be petted on her own terms. The kittens from our premium line, 
will have a captivating effect on every member of your family and your guests. Their irresistible charm is something you wish you could experience once you set eyes on them. If you're seeking a kitten from a large, elite cat, Anisa's kittens are the perfect choice for you.

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