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Females of GB

The Best of The Best

Galeksy's Golden Anisa

home name: Sophie

Sophie, the golden-hued beauty of our cattery, is a remarkable female British Shorthair cat. Her luxurious golden coat shimmers under the light, casting an enchanting glow around her. With her graceful movements and delicate features, Sophie exudes an undeniable elegance that leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter her. 

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Uzma Bliss

home name: Uliyana

Uzma, the British long-haired cat, is a stunning representative of her breed and a prized gem in our cattery. Her luxuriant coat, striking features, and regal stature make her a true masterpiece. Uzma's gentle nature and captivating presence set her apart from her peers, adorning our cattery with elegance.

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Galeksy's Golden Vertu

home name: Vera

Vertu's delightful combination of shorter paws, velvety-soft fur, and a dense undercoat makes her a true delight to snuggle and cherish in our cattery.

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Galeksy's Golden Orista

home name: Alice

Orista, the golden British Longhair, reigns as the queen of our kennel. Her stunning coat exudes regal beauty, capturing the essence of elegance. With her dignified presence, Orista adds a touch of grandeur to our feline family, commanding admiration and respect.

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Copy of risha-9_edited.png

Galeksy's Blue Golden Risha

home name: Irene

Risha, the British Shorthair cat in the captivating color of blue gold, brings a unique touch to our cattery with her surly muzzle. Her distinctive facial expression adds an element of character and intrigue to her already stunning appearance. 

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