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Bliss's Uzma

Breed: British longhair

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Uzma, our extraordinary feline companion, has a story filled with anticipation and triumph. She patiently awaited her journey to the United States for over a year, as if she knew she was destined for an exciting new chapter in her life. This waiting period can be likened to her own special "visa" to join our family, adding a touch of suspense to her arrival. From the moment Uzma came into our lives, her strong-willed nature became evident, showcasing her as a natural-born leader. In a power struggle that unfolded between her and our other cat, Ivet, Uzma proved herself to be resilient and determined, emerging as the victorious one. Her strong personality and unwavering spirit set her apart as a charismatic and influential presence within our household. Uzma's beauty is simply enchanting, with her long, flowing fur in a captivating forest color. As the fall season arrives, she acquires a thick undercoat, further enhancing her regal appearance. The addition of delightful tassels adorning her ears adds an extra touch of allure, making her irresistible to the eyes.Uzma's combination of a commanding personality, striking forest-colored coat, thick seasonal undercoat, and charming ear tassels truly makes her a captivating and extraordinary companion. Her presence fills our home with an air of elegance and authority, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her.

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