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Galeksy's Blue Golden Risha 

Breed: British shorthair

Color: Blue Golden Shaded

Risha, our British Shorthair, is an enchanting feline with a captivating blue gold coat. Despite her distinctive muzzle, which may mistakenly give the impression of anger, she is actually a loving and affectionate companion. Her expressive face adds to her unique charm, making her truly unforgettable. Risha's coat is not only visually striking but also incredibly soft and thick. Petting her must feel like running our fingers through a cloud of silk. Her medium-sized frame perfectly balances elegance and sturdiness, making her an ideal companion for both relaxation and play. Although Risha's appearance might suggest a strong personality, she surprises everyone with her gentle and mild temperament. Her loving nature shines through as she actively seeks out opportunities to show her affection. Coming to say good night is just one of the heartwarming gestures that she does to express her love and connection to us.Risha's friendly and sociable disposition makes her a joy to have around. She effortlessly adapts to new situations and brings a sense of ease to our home. Whether she's curled up by your side or engaging in playful antics, her presence brings warmth and happiness to your everyday life.

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