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Lucy-Mur's Todd

Breed: British shorthair

Color: Black Golden Chinchilla

Allow me to introduce Todd, the esteemed producer of our cattery and a magnificent British Shorthair cat. With a remarkable character that exudes greatness, Todd is a true embodiment of regality and charm.
His gentle nature is legendary, captivating the hearts of all who have the pleasure of meeting him. As he gracefully strolls around the cattery, his presence commands attention, capturing the admiration of both cats and humans alike.
The golden, thick coat that adorns Todd is a testament to his true splendor. His luxurious fur becomes his crowning glory, serving as a regal decoration that sets him apart from the rest. It is no wonder that he is worshipped and adored, receiving the utmost care and attention from everyone in the cattery.
Todd holds the esteemed position as the king of our domain. His majestic presence brings an air of authority and reverence to the cattery. With his commanding aura, he is carried in the arms of those who hold him dear, their actions reflecting the deep respect and admiration they have for this feline monarch.
Within the cattery, Todd is treated like royalty, receiving only the best of everything. His needs and desires are met with utmost devotion, ensuring his well-being and happiness.
With every step he takes, the cattery is graced with his majestic presence. Todd's reign as the king is an honor to behold, and his legacy as a producer and beloved companion is unparalleled.

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