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GB cattery

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About Us

Welcome to the world of GB Cattery, where we proudly present a premium collection of British cats boasting rare and captivating colors. Our cattery exudes elegance, grace, and undeniable charm, setting the standard for excellence in feline breeding. With meticulous care and attention, we have crafted a luxurious line of British cats with exquisite colorations and outstanding pedigrees. Each cat is raised with boundless love and socialized to become a confident and affectionate companion.

At GB Cattery, we invite you to explore the extraordinary. Contact us now to immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of our luxury British cats.


Available kittens

Exceeding Your Expectations


GB's Kiwi

Behold the enchanting British Longhair kitten, boasting a stunning golden coat that gleams with splendor. Born to exquisite parents, this little feline exudes elegance and charm in every whisker. With a regal allure and an affectionate nature, this golden bundle of joy promises to captivate hearts and make a treasured addition to any loving home.


GB's Mario

Meet Mario, our British Shorthair kitten, a gem born to exceptional parents. With a lineage rooted in excellence, this kitten boasts a remarkable character that's bound to steal your heart. Its delightful personality is a testament to its wonderful lineage, making it an ideal furry companion for those seeking both pedigree and a loving nature.


GB's Lando

Lando, the epitome of feline beauty, is an exquisite longhaired male kitten hailing from distinguished lineage and a renowned cattery. His opulent fur coat, adorned with a mesmerizing array of captivating color contrasts, immediately captures attention and admiration. Beyond his enchanting appearance, Lando's playful spirit and affectionate nature make him an ideal companion, spreading happiness and love to all who have the pleasure of knowing him. 


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