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Litter birthday: 06.17.2023

Mother: Galeksy's Risha

Father: Todd Luci-Mur

Litter K

Let me introduce you to three adorable kittens born from the union of Risha Galexi and Todd Lucy Moore. First, there's GB's Kiwi, a long-haired British girl with a lovely golden coat. Kiwi is not only captivating in appearance but also possesses a warm and friendly personality, making her a joy to be around.

Next, we have her two brothers, Kevin and Kerby. Both boys share the same striking golden coat color, adding to their charm. Kevin is a playful and affectionate kitten, always ready for a fun-filled adventure. Meanwhile, Kerby showcases his friendly and outgoing nature, eager to make new friends and spread happiness wherever he goes.

As these precious kittens have been raised amongst us, they are fully socialized, meaning they have grown up in a nurturing environment and are comfortable around people. Their delightful personalities and loving demeanor make them perfect companions for families seeking not just beauty but also playful and affectionate feline friends.

To learn more about the parents, just click on their photos on the page. You will also find important information such as the litter's date of birth, the date you can pick up the kitten, the date of the last photo shoot, and valuable information about each kitten's condition. Enjoy browsing the site as you embark on a fascinating journey into the world of these adorable fluffies.

Photo session date 12.03.2023

kittens can leave the cattery immediately

Name: GB's Kiwi

Color: Black Golden Shaded

Eye color: Green

Sexual: female

Status: Cattery observation

Name: GB's Kirby

Color: Black Golden Chinchilla

Eye color: Green

Sexual: male / neutered

Status: Sold

Price: $1500 $3400

Name: GB's Kevin

Color: Black Golden Chinchilla

Eye color: Green

Sexual: male

Status: Sold

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